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Jake is known for his guest star appearances on CBS's Cold Case, NBC's Dragnet, CW's Gilmore Girls and the Supernatural spinoff web series, Ghostfacers. He has acted for Academy Award nominated director Alejandro Gonazalez Inarritu, Academy Award winning playwright Budd Schulberg, and has starred in many indie films, including a lead role in Bram Stoker's The Double Born.


Jake has also appeared in numerous national commercials, including - Fiat, Domino's, Sprint, MTV, Axe Body Spray and Volkswagen.


In 2010, Jake created Sports Ballz, a short-lived pilot presentation made for Comedy Central and starring him, Adam Harrington, Matthew Harris and Tom Arnold. Shortly after that, he produced several shorts for HBO alongside actor/director Gabriel Sunday and Entourage's Adrian Grenier.


In his free time, Jake juggles fire and machetes in his backyard

and free styles the constantly running lyrics in his head. The only thing he loves more than the spotlight is teaching kids to step into theirs.


Jake lives in Los Angeles with his wife and their dog/queen, Judy.

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